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Residential Real Estate Broker

Residential Real Estate Broker | M.C. Guy Realty - Lexington, MA

Residential real estate is any real estate that is occupied by a buyer or tenant and a residential real estate broker will help you be that occupant. A...

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Commercial Real Estate Broker

Commercial Real Estate Broker | M.C. Guy Realty - Lexington, MA

Commercial property buying is a lucrative and rapidly growing area of real estate, and it is vital to have a commercial real estate broker that can go...

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Insurance Agency

Insurance Agency | M.C. Guy Realty - Lexington, MA,MA

How many real estate brokers do you know that also handle your insurance? At M.C. Guy Realty we offer valuable point of sale and after the sale...

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Welcome To M.C. Guy Realty

There are many real estate companies out there, so why choose M.C. Guy Realty? The answer to that lies in what, exactly, potential customers are looking for in a real estate broker. Some clients wish to purchase a home for the first time, while others are looking to upgrade or change locations. Real estate investors are looking to buy investment properties or properties they don’t live in but that generate an income.

Regardless of the reason to buy, most clients, whether buying or selling, are looking for a real estate brokerage they can trust. That means that from start to finish, they can feel reassured that their residential or commercial broker is not only keenly knowledgeable about the business and area, but will also be available for questions and concerns along the way.

Home buying and selling can be very stressful, especially for the first time buyer or seller. Although it is a tried and true process that is regulated and monitored carefully, it seldom goes exactly as planned. Therefore, it is essential to have a real estate broker with experience, compassion and patience.

At M.C. Guy Realty, we are that broker. Established in 1964, we have many years of experience in the Lexington area, not only in residential real estate, but commercial real estate as well. We even have our own insurance agency to take care of that gem after you buy it!

If you are looking for someone who is local, experienced and trustworthy, then look no further. We can handle all your real estate needs from the first call for information to securing insurance after the sale.

The term, “service after the sale” is used quite a bit in this industry, and means that even after the house is bought or sold, we are here to make sure if becomes the home or investment you have been dreaming about. Call us today or stop by to say hello. We welcome questions and can show you some of the charming houses or investment properties currently on the market.

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