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About M.C. Guy Realty

About Us | M.C. Guy Realty - Lexington, MA

M.C. Guy Realty was established in 1964 and has a broad depth of knowledge about residential, commercial and insurance needs.

Why is it important to know all of these areas? Many home owners are also real estate investors and most real estate investors own a home. Also, all home owners and commercial buyers need insurance, so it makes sense to have expertise in all these areas to help with every need that arises when it arises. We don’t have to refer out to an agency that you may not be familiar with and may not feel as comfortable with, as happens often in real estate transactions.

Why is it important to use a realtor? Many people choose to try and sell their home themselves. First, an experienced real estate brokerage knows what sells and for how much. They can assist you to stage your house to enhance its appeal to a wide variety of buyers and do extensive research to see what the best price for the house would be. Also, they can assist with all of the contracts and work with outside venders for inspections, repairs and upgrades, if necessary.

Most importantly, an outside, unbiased opinion of what your house is worth, what it will sell for and what you should accept, or pay for a property is vital. Nine out of ten house sellers and buyers who go out on their own either pay too much, don’t get enough for their house, or don’t sell their house because they had an unrealistic price point.

Let the professionals at M.C. Guy Realty do the legwork for you and negotiate on your behalf, taking the stress and worry out of house buying and selling.