Insurance Agency

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Insurance Agency

Insurance Agency | M.C. Guy Realty - Lexington, MA

How many real estate brokers do you know that also handle your insurance? At M.C. Guy Realty we offer valuable point of sale and after the sale services as a reliable insurance agency, saving our clients time and money with every real estate transaction. From start to finish we are available along the way to make sure every client is satisfied.

Insurance is essential and it is often cumbersome to find the right insurance agency. It requires a great deal of time and effort as you wade through the many different policies and items covered. What do you need and what is not essential? What limits and deductibles should you have? Because we are also an insurance agency, we can answer all your questions and offer adequate coverage for your peace of mind.

The last thing anyone wants is to finally buy that dream home and then have a disaster. One claim that is adequately covered and taken care of can be worth years of payments. Insurance is kind of like house work. Nobody notices it until it is needed. When we have the right policy in place we can breathe a sigh of relief that everything is taken care of and we can repair or replace our valuable property if needed. When our clients finish a real estate purchase, they can truly walk out of our office, keys in hand, and be ready to move in to their new home in Lexington, MA.