Residential Real Estate Broker

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Residential Real Estate Broker

Residential Real Estate Broker | M.C. Guy Realty - Lexington, MA

Residential real estate is any real estate that is occupied by a buyer or tenant and a residential real estate broker will help you be that occupant. A big question we get asked quite often is, “What are the benefits to buying versus renting?” The answer lies partly in what your long term goals are. If you are fairly stable and want something that appreciates in value, buying would make sense. Sometimes the market you live in can make a difference as well, because rents may be extremely high, making monthly mortgage payments a lower alternative.

Ask a residential real estate broker at M.C. Guy Realty about renting versus buying, and they can tell you what those numbers would look like in the Lexington, MA market. They can also help you to determine what you can afford and recommend financing options. They will have information on school districts, neighborhood statistics, and community data as well.

Home buying and selling can be much more fun if you are well informed and have all your questions answered by an experienced residential real estate broker. Our realtors at M.C. Guy Realty will help with each step of the home buying process with thorough knowledgeable information. They can and will help you find the house of your dreams and guide you even after the sale to make it your home.

Don’t hesitate to utilize all of your realtor’s expertise during the buying or selling process to make you feel comfortable and excited about your experience and start you on the road to being a home owner in no time at all!